David Botha established BDK Attorneys in 1960. He was considered one of the best criminal law experts in Johannesburg and earned a reputation as the most formidable cross-examiner in the business. David’s success in this area meant that he was feared by all witnesses and especially police witnesses.

Jannie Kruger and Piet Du Plessis were both prosecutors during this time and went up against David on many occasions. A professional relationship developed between the three, which ultimately lead to Jannie and Piet joining the practice in 1982.

Fate took a terrible turn when, David was tragically murdered in 1987. He was still practising law at the time of his death. This left the reigns of BDK to Jannie and Piet. Together, they have continued to grow the firm from strength to strength and up hold its core values.

In 2021, BDK Attorneys appointed three new directors. Amorette Grangel, who became the first female directors in the firms history, Ulrich Kruger, who is BDK Attorneys’ first Internationally admitted attorney and Johan Eksteen, whose dedication makes him a force to be reckoned with.  

BDK Attorneys are one of the leading law firms in Gauteng. The highly experience team are able to provide legal services across a wide range of subject matters, which include criminal law, commercial and general civil litigation.

BDK Attorneys strive to provide innovative and effective solutions, no matter the complexity of the issue. Built on a solid foundation of pride, BDK believe first and foremost in upholding the rule of law. BDK Attorneys put the client first, strive to provide the highest standards of service and ultimately aim to achieve the best possible results.