Ensuring Protection For Minor Children

On the 8th of January 2022, Jamilah was brutally beaten, stabbed and ultimately murdered by the accused. Not only was the life of Jamilah tragically ended, this all happened in the presence of her children.

In pursuit of BDK’s pro bono endeavours for the Van Staden family, Director Amorette Gangel and Katia Dias have successfully had the minor children (who’s identities are protected) placed in foster care with the Van Staden family. In addition thereto, the accused’s parental rights have been terminated.

Insofar as the criminal matter is concerned, the accused recently appealed against the judgment wherein his request for bail was refused, which appeal was dismissed by the High Court. The criminal matter is set to proceed to trial in January 2023, where BDK will continue to assist the State and Van Staden family in achieving justice.

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