New Series – Protection Orders

Here at BDK Attorneys we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new article and Facebook Live series in the course of October: – Protection order Please keep an eye out for these posts. In the interim, if you are in need of legal services you are welcome to contact us. BDK […]

Taxability Of Damages Arising From Personal Injury Claims

Katia Dias – Candidate Attorney Do I pay tax on damages? “Gross Income” is defined by s1(1) of the Income Tax Act (“ITA”) as the total amount, in a year or a period of assessment of a resident, in cash or otherwise that is received by or accrued to or in favour of such a […]

The Importance Of A Will – Wills Week 2023

Amorette Gangel – Director Every year the Law Society of South Africa (the LSSA) hosts National Wills Week. This year National Wills Week will take place during the week of 11 to 15 September 2023. BDK is happy to announce that our Ms Amorette Gangel will be participating in National Wills Week for 2023 and […]

The Procedure Of Discipline In The Workplace

Neale Quilliam – Associate It must be generally accepted that it is the employer who holds the right to enforce and maintain discipline in the workplace.  This is mainly as a consequence of the duty of an employee to obey all lawful and reasonable instructions in the workplace and to not commit any form of […]

The State Is Not Your Personal Debt Collector

Abrie van der Merwe – Associate Any attorney who regularly goes to our criminal courts would have realised in the last few months that there had been a steady increase in fraud related matters in the “normal” magistrates’ courts. This is mainly due to the fact that a decision was made in the last year […]

Urgent Court Triumph: Court Holds Opponent In Contempt

On Tuesday, 20 June 2023, the BDK Attorneys team appeared in the Urgent Court of the Johannesburg High Court.  Nadine Meintjes appeared on behalf of our client before the Honourable Acting Judge Bokako, with Jacques Peacock, the attorney on the matter, having drafted the papers. Meintjes (25) and Peacock (23), both Associates with BDK Attorneys, […]

Maternal Preference Rule: Towards Equality In Parental Rights?

Jacques Peacock – Associate The concept of maternal preference in family law has long been a subject of debate and contention.  While the South African legal system acknowledges the crucial role that fathers can play in their children’s lives, it still falls short in granting them automatic parental responsibilities and rights.  This blog post explores […]

How Do I Handle A Grievance Against My Employer?

Neale Quilliam – Associate In every human relationship, no matter how big or small the group is wherein a person finds themselves, but especially in the corporate world, where people from a wide range of backgrounds come together to serve the company mission and vision, the potential for conflict is always present. It is especially […]

M.M v R.A.N: Presumption Of Consent In Customary Marriages

Katia Dias – Candidate Attorney Customary marriages are marriages which are “negotiated, celebrated or concluded according to any of the systems of indigenous African customary law which exist in South Africa”. Although the promulgation of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998 (“RCMA”) has created a regulatory framework for customary unions and sets […]