Contravention Of A Protection Order

Abrie van der Merwe – Associate In the event that a respondent commits an act prohibited by a protection order, whether interim or final, it will amount to contravention of the protection order. This will allow the complainant to go to the Court that granted the order and request that a warrant of arrest be […]

What To Do If A Protection Order Is Granted Against You

Abrie van der Merwe – Associate Having a protection order served on you is a serious and stressful experience. Ordinarily, you will receive a phone call from a member of the South African Police Service, who will inform you that a protection order has been issued against you and they want you to come to […]

You’ve Applied For Your Protection Order. Now What?

Abrie van der Merwe – Associate Let’s assume you are the applicant and you have followed the process of applying for a protection order. There are three possible outcomes: Your application can be dismissed outright. This means the Magistrate has decided that there is no merit to your application. You can receive an interim protection […]

What Is The Process To Apply For A Protection Order?

Abrie van der Merwe – Associate To apply for a protection order in terms of the Domestic Violence Act or the Protection from Harassment Act, you need to attend to the Magistrate’s Court in whose jurisdiction you reside, go the Court clerk and request the appropriate form, which will then be filled out and handed […]

Who Can Apply For A Protection Order, Where And When Do You Apply?

Abrie van der Merwe – Associate Who can apply for a protection order? Any adult person with legal capacity can apply for a protection order in South Africa. Minors and other people without legal capacity can apply for a protection order with the help of their legal guardians or another adult person who has a […]

What Is A Protection Order In South Africa?

Abrie van der Merwe – Associate A protection order in South Africa is a special type of interdict, provided for by two Acts, namely the Domestic Violence Act, 116 of 1998, or the Protection from Harassment Act, 17 of 2011. An interdict is a specific type of Court order which either prevents a person from […]

Watching Briefs? The Role of Legal Practitioners in a Watching Brief

Over December 2023, South Africa was tuned to their televisions with the bail proceedings of Bafana Mahungela, where our Mr Abrie van Der Merwe was instructed by the family of the deceased to act on a watching brief. This begs the question – what is a watching brief? A watching brief is a mandate to […]

Victory For BDK Director Johan Eksteen

The Polokwane High Court was set down for trial in the widely publicized murder of two municipality councilors Vaaltyn Kekana and Ralph Kanyane of Mogalakwena municipality in 2019. The accused before court were facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, two counts of murder and possession of an illegal firearm. The Trial was to proceed […]

New Series – Bail Applications

Here at BDK Attorneys we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new article and Facebook Live series in the course of October: – Bail applications Please keep an eye out for these posts. In the interim, if you are in need of legal services you are welcome to contact us. BDK […]

Making News Headlines

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