The A Team Duo with Another Victory: Acquittal in High-Stakes Corruption and Human Trafficking Case

In a newsworthy case that took the community by surprise, our Mr. Johan Eksteen, director at BDK Attorneys, along with Advocate Christo Meiring (commonly referred to by most of their clients as “The A Team Duo”) successfully represented three clients charged with serious allegations of corruption and human trafficking. The case, heard at Springs Magistrates Court, culminated in a resounding victory as all three accused were acquitted of all charges. This case exemplifies our firm’s dedication, legal acumen, and relentless pursuit of justice.

During the trial proceedings, the state presented their case, calling five police officers and two civilian witnesses, and these two civilian witnesses were called as Section 204 witnesses by the state to testify against our clients. However, our experienced legal team meticulously challenged the evidence put forth. During cross-examination, it became evident that the testimony of all five police officers was so flawed that no reasonable court could rely on it. Furthermore, the allegations detailed in the charge sheet regarding human trafficking lacked any supporting evidence.

Our team then moved on to challenging the evidence.

The defense strategy by the duo focused primarily on the following key points:

1. Poor Quality of Testimony: the duo demonstrated that the testimony of two police officers was unreliable and should not be considered by the court.

2. Lack of Supporting Evidence: the duo highlighted that the human trafficking allegations were unsupported by any concrete evidence.

3. Fabricated Evidence: Through extensive research and analysis, the duo uncovered inconsistencies suggesting that the state’s witnesses had fabricated their testimonies.

4. Ineffective Investigation: the duo revealed that the investigating officer and other police members had not properly investigated the case, leading to the fabrication of evidence.

A pivotal moment in the trial was the court’s request for an inspection in loco. The magistrate was escorted to the scene of the alleged offence to verify the evidence provided by the state’s witnesses. This inspection clearly demonstrated that the statements made by the state’s witnesses did not align with the actual scene, further undermining the prosecution’s case.

Upon the state closing its case, our A team brought forth an application for discharge under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 51 of 1977. This application was based on:- The unreliable testimony of the police officers.

  • The lack of supporting evidence for the human trafficking charges.
  • The overall failure of the state to present a prima facie case for the accused to answer.

In regards to the corruption charge, our Mr. Eksteen and Advocate Meiring demonstrated that the contradictions in the evidence were so significant that the court should disregard it entirely. For the human trafficking charge, they pointed out numerous inconsistencies and asked critical questions that cast doubt on the prosecution’s case. The team, utilizing prominent case law and leveraging their extensive experience, effectively extended the shadow of doubt.

The court, persuaded by their arguments and the evident lack of credible evidence, acquitted all three of our clients on all counts of corruption and human trafficking. This case not only highlights our firm’s expertise but also underscores the importance of diligent and thorough legal defense.

Our success in this case reaffirms our commitment to justice and the rule of law. We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our firms director, Mr. Johan Eksteen and Advocate Christo Meiring, whose expertise and perseverance ensured that justice was served.

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